samedi 21 octobre 2017

"Good Times" for 13@rts

It's time to put on front the Acrylic Splash! Ink.
I used the green and yellow light.
I painted all the leaves with the green paint and splash drops with the yellow splash.

So here is my layout : 

Material used : 
- Paper "Fly Away" Fleeting Moments

See you next time!

vendredi 20 octobre 2017

"The Breathe of Nature" pour Mixed Media & Art

Stage 3 - Mixed Media & Art

The Breath of Nature - 20.10 - 29.10

Use only one Natural materials - no scrap material
and one more obligatory element  is the Letters

I've made a simple canvas with real roots from a tree as a natural element.
For the background, I put foam letters. You can enjoy a video I made for this challenge!

Don't be afraid to use unusual material, everything can be a masterpiece.
And for this challenge, it is pretty easy. Just go outside and look at the beauty of the nature.
Take some leaves that are falling from the tree, take a branch or roots. Cut some pieces
from a wooden branch! Just let it go and create!

And a video : 

See you next time!

lundi 16 octobre 2017

"Reach for the Stars" for 13@rts

Hello 13@rts fans!

It's my turn today to show you my inspiration of the month!
As it's soon Halloween, I wanted to do a layout with a little bit of magic.
The title is "magique" in French which is "Magic" in English!

I used the His & Hers papers collection with the rainbow colors.

Here are some close-ups : 

Material used : 

Thank you for stopping by and
see you next time!

dimanche 15 octobre 2017

"Ensemble" pour Simple à Souhait

C'est l'heure de la planche vedette chez Simple à Souhait!
La planche vedette est : 

J'ai aussi utilisé : 

Voici ma page : 

Merci du coup d'oeil et à la prochaine!

lundi 9 octobre 2017

"Beautiful" pour 123 Scrap


Me voici avec ma page pour 1.2.3.Scrap!
J'ai utilisé la planche "Voyage". 

Merci du coup d'oeil et à la prochaine!

dimanche 8 octobre 2017

13@rts Challenge

Hello everybody!

Today it's the new challenge on 13 arts! So come and play with us!
It's all about Spooky!!!

Well, I must admit, I'm not an Halloween person... in fact, not in Scrapbooking.
So, it was a challenge for me too. I stay right in front of my page for many hours!!!
So here it is, a floral romantic spooky...huh?! ahahah 

Material used : 

Thanks for stopping by!

vendredi 6 octobre 2017

"Precious" pour 123 Scrap

Voici ma page pour le défi sur Facebook pour 1.2.3.Scrap!
J'ai utilisé les planches Instants et Garçon.

Merci du coup d'oeil!
À la prochaine!